Carla Lobmier



Carla Lobmier received BFA degrees (Painting, Art History) from Eastern Illinois University and her MFA (Painting & Drawing) from the University of Illinois. In 1999, she was nominated for and awarded an APEX ART C.P. Studio Program residency, NYC, and moved to NYC where she has remained. She has lived and worked in Jackson Heights since 2000.

Her paintings, drawings and collages have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in the permanent collections of Tarble Arts Center, William Rainey Harper College, Sheldon Swope Museum, Lund and Company Inventions, Whirlpool Corporation and the 25th Congressional District, NYC. Solo watercolor exhibitions include Love Letter (to Light), Memphis, TN, Dirt, rock and far views, Langston Hughes Library & Cultural Center, NYC and Not so fast, Resobox Gallery, NYC.

Site-specific watercolor installations for two locations at the Mid-Manhattan Library, NYC, were exhibited January-May 2016. This project titled Scrolling Confluence and Scrolling Confluence: Supernova was deeply influenced by her love of the study of art history and how such study could weave into her own painting.

Lobmier’s fourteen-panel slate and mixed media installation piece titled I walk, walk looking for the spot was exhibited with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan for an 18-month loan.

RPGA Studio, Queens, selected and supported Lobmier’s project, Grace in Dwelling, for Queens Art Intervention 2017. Beginning in 2014, QAI (Queens Art Intervention) was designed as a personal artistic endeavor between chosen artists and the community. All interventions happen on the street in Queens, NYC. Interventions can include installation, performance, video, and more. Lobmier’s Intervention began as a photographic project as well as a collected journal of thoughts with the Jackson Heights’ general public. The collected text informed the art piece that she made for the Queens Museum group exhibition of the work of the 2017 QAI artists. Grace In Dwelling, the book, was published by Ragged Sky Press on the occasion of the Queens Museum exhibition and includes detailed images of the painting of the same title as well as text and photographs of interviewed participants.

Shaping the Container, an art and movement workshop inviting participants to engage with Lobmier’s art piece, Next Thing I Know: Shaping the Container, includes a collaborator-guided moving response. Shaping the Container was supported by a Queens Council for the Arts 2018 New Works Grant.

Both her watercolor work and acrylic paintings have been featured in the online publication Unlikely Stories.

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